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This is a Communication/Journalism Community. It's basic purpose if for those that study Communication/Journalism. Basically, it’s open to discussion on topics related to communications. Also open to any question about the major such as help on paper or about getting an internship. This could also be a good place to network with other communication/journalism majors.

Any question or comments contact the moderator toff111.

Networking is something you will be told about over and over again as you study in Communications/Journalism. This next section contains people in this community that you can contact if you have any questions about Communications/Journalism.

  • Patrick toff111 2004 Graduate of St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Concentration in Broadcasting. Interned at 10 NBC.
  • Linda epic1313 2004 Graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, Va. Concentration in Print Journalism. Interned at Beach Video Productions doing video production
  • Adam budcrew08 2004 graduate of Utica College with a degree in journalism and a concentration in communications (techinically we call it communication arts.. dont ask) Interned at the Oneonta Daily Star and The Waterville Times.

    If you would like to be added our networking list. Say so in a post (please include all the info you want to provide), or just contact me through my journal toff111, which has all my contact information.

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